SOS Security Blanket

Security Blanket by Mercedes Rodgers Security Blanket by Mercedes Rodgers

The "SOS Security Blanket" is a community project and conceptual art piece made of single-use, petroleum based plastic. It is the artist's mission to combine fine art and domestic crafts to allow people to express their concerns about current energy policies and to help educate people about how we can work towards a more sustainable future. This is a action and community-made work that uses craft to agitate for change. Mercedes invites everyone who has something to say about the Gulf oil spill & other man made disasters to create a square for the blanket. By creating a square, any one who feels hopeless, vulnerable or angry will be able to use art to express not only their inner issues regarding the oil spill but also be part of a consolidated call for change. Bringing together all of our angst, fear, frustration and helplessness into one large project will create a strong visual message and help to remind people about the hazards of off shore drilling and non-sustainable energy practices.

Mercedes will collect squares until at least May, 2013. With this project she intends to enter community spaces to talk to people, help them create their squares for the blanket and talk about the impact of our current energy policies. Mercedes goal for this piece to be a continuous reminder for people about the impact of single-use petroleum products, the hazards of offshore drilling, and our endless need for oil. Mercedes says "I see this project as a catalyst for a smarter more informed future, a protest and a vigil for hope and positive change."

The long term goal is to take the SOS Security Blanket to Washington DC and present it to our legislators as a visual petition for better energy polices. To see the progress of the blanket, check out Mercedes' blog and please consider contributing to this project by making a square and/or a secure financial donation.

How to Participate:

To be part of this project please make a square out of any kind of malleable plastic that can be punched with a paper hole punch and send it to the Full Circle Gallery at 29 B Eglin Pkwy SE, Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32548. The plastic must be recycled and would otherwise have been thrown away. Please do not buy plastics for this project. Squares must be exactly one of the following three sizes: 2.5 x 2.5 sq inches 5x5 sq inches or 10x10 sq inches. Again please make sure your square is exactly one of the three sizes and made out of a plastic you would have discarded.

Some ideas:

  • Sew your square out of contractor's plastic or plastic bags.
  • Crochet a granny square by cutting a plastic grocery store bag into strips.
  • Collage pictures onto a plastic bag and seal them with old shower curtains, plastic table cloths etc.

Be as creative as you want to be with this project!

How to get the SOS Blanket at your event or community meeting:

If you would like Mercedes to visit your studio, gallery, school, library, church or other community meeting place to help create squares for the SOS Blanket and to talk about a more sustainable future please send an email with the date you would like her to visit to: ATTN: SOS Blanket or call (850)-362-8041.